City Hall

City Hall Wedding

City Hall Wedding:

  • Price 200 €.

Pictures of the wedding ceremony at the town hall.

Wedding portraits of the wedding couple at the self-chosen location. You are in focus. Twosomeness. The mood.

I guide you in setups etc. but you are (almost, haha) free to do as you please. It is very relaxed. You laugh, kiss, relax, talk, and do whatever you want. That's what I'm going to catch. You two. Together.

Checklist for self-selected location:
* The bridal bouquet Important
* The box for the rings if possible
* Solid color carpet
* Champagne bottle with champagne / water
* 2 champagne glasses / wine glasses
* 1 beer can / bottle (for fun / cheeky): P
* Other wishes for the pictures

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